Monday, 25 March 2013

{Craft Fair} Edinburgh Yarn Festival

{T-1 minute, Amanda and I waiting for the hoards to begin}
Oh my word. It's now been 9 days since the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, but I think I might still be in shock. I had such a lovely day, met loads of wonderful people (with gorgeous knitwear) and I can't wait for the next one!

When I woke up the next morning and realised that I wasn't going to spend all day surrounded by lovely, friendly, chatty yarn nerds like me, my heart pretty much broke. I thought I'd lost my voice from all that chatting, but actually it turns out I got a really awful cold, which is why it's taken me so long to catch up! 

It was an early start setting up my stall with Amanda from OwlPrintPanda, and a long day stood up behind my little table (the first time I sat down all day was in the car on the way home!), but it was so much fun and so very worth going to.

I have to confess, when I signed up for a stall I thought it was going to be a bog standard craft fair, with a knitting theme... But as the big day approached it became pretty clear that this was going to be a huge, even international affair! People came from all over the place to see what Scotland had to offer. Until about 12.30 I'm told there was a queue along the street of people waiting to get in. It was pretty foul weather so I hope you guys took home some amazing goodies for your dedication.

{You can see the crowds just waiting to be let in}
It was probably a good thing that I didn't have much time to wander around though, or I would have ended up spending way too much money! I got a quick run around and met some lovely fellow stall holders and visitors, I tried not to linger too long at any one table or I knew I'd be drawn in and I'd want one of everything, in every colour *sigh* next year maybe.

I think I'm still flabbergasted that everyone was so lovely, and a little bit starstruck at meeting some of my favourite designers and spinners! I might even have recruited a few new pilots for the University Gliding Club, who would have thought that knitting and flying were such complementary hobbies?

For any Ravelers out there, you should add me on Ravelry! My name is Porcini, look me up :)

{You can see just how busy it got! If you're interested, the girl in the middle with the grey knitted jacket is Button!}

Porcini x

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