Thursday, 7 February 2013

This week I'm making... Yarn wrap art

I've always loved these things on Pinterest, so I finally made one of my own! What do you think?

I went to the shed and found a scrap of wood, sanded it smooth and painted it. Let it dry (by which I mean I got out my hairdryer and forced it to be dry!), and then sanded it lightly again to make it look a bit worn.

I made a printed template and taped it on. A hammer and lots of nails later and I ripped off the paper template, and got wrapping!

I used embroidery floss because it's got a lovely sheen which I thought would contrast nicely with the matt wood. I used a silvery grey colour to make it quite neutral but bright. I'd love to try this with bold neon colours too!

It was nice to get back into some personal making... I spend so much time only making things for the shop these days, so it's good to do something for myself.

Porcini x

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