Sunday, 13 January 2013

Something Cool...

This week I found a great online shop called DoodleBag. There are loads of shops  online that sell and print cotton bags, but I like DoodleBag because it does things a little bit differently.

For starters, it's based in the UK, in Sheffield. It employs people who have struggled  long-term to find a job, and gives them full training to become master printers, establishing a career for them in the printing industry and supporting the needs of their local community. But wait, there's more! 

Many online companies import their bags from India or China from organisations that use low quality fabrics and that treat their workers terribly. I've been to China and seen the poor working conditions in factories that some people are forced to endure. I also spent time with a family living in a kind of poverty that we can barely imagine. They worked 14 hour shifts in abysmal and dangerous conditions and were paid less per month than you might spend on a chocolate bar, so fair working conditions and pay for suppliers are really important to me.

DoodleBag imports their bags from India too, but they import their all natural cotton and canvas bags from Fair Trade certified factories. They are committed to creating environmentally responsible products using low impact manufacturing methods and sustainably sourced materials, ridding the world of the evil plastic bag!

On top of all that, they support designers by offering a service in which you upload your designs, and they advertise them online. They make and ship out every bag that's sold, and the designer gets a commission from the sale and a link back to their website!

DoodleBag is the sister company of Bag It, Don't Bin It who cater to local and larger businesses. They've got some pretty cool ideas on sustainability and eco-friendly production that I really like!

So if you're looking for a personalised, fashionable, eco-friendly and Fair Trade way to carry your shopping, books or organise your home whilst supporting the UK economy, promoting designers work and helping unemployed people to gain vocational skills then check out DoodleBag! You can learn more about them here.

I'm so happy with my awesome Moustache bag, I wish I'd found Doddlebag during Movember so I could have shared their awesome site with you back then!


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