Friday, 11 January 2013

{2013} My Goals

Here it is folks! The obligatory, traditional, and stereotypical "New Years Resolution" post! Followed by the oh-so-familiar "sorry it's been a while" commentary...

Or not...

I'm actually not sorry it's been a while since my last post. I've not had time to post because I've been so busy! I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with the people I love. I'll admit I kept thinking "This'd make a great blog post!", but it was good for me to not check my emails, blogs, shop, pinterest etc and take some time to live! I even read a book! I haven't done that for... I can't remember how long!

And now that we're in 2013, I can't help thinking "What's so special about 1st January 2013 that I'm willing suddenly alter my entire lifestyle?"

Well, as selfish as this sounds, the answer is... ME. I am worth it! I want to make my life amazing and I want to make time to have that Christmas Holidays feeling every day. I want to read books, play scrabble, spend meaningful time with the people I love and feel inspired all the time.

So as ever (like many of you I'll bet) January 1st rolled around and (other than feeling like my head was going to burst from having a terrible cold I'd caught) I was feeling full of inspiration to get fit, enjoy life, see more amazing things, act positive, read great books, be more organised and generally be the best possible person I can be.

Now, after that "shouting from the mountain tops" positivity avalanche, I don't want to sound like a pessimist all of a sudden... But I'm not going to pretend that by 31st December 2013 I'm going to be a marathon running, literary connoisseur, millionaire, socialite, super woman! So in the spirit of being realistic and practical (and almost, but not entirely, only a little bit ambitious), I've decided to set a new simple resolution or goal every month.

The idea behind this, is that rather than biting off more than I can chew right away and failing at everything, I'll get a whole month to fit whatever new activity or lifestyle change I choose into my life properly. No more whims for me! I'm looking for lifestyle changes this year, not temporary behaviour blips!

Even as I write this I know that as soon as I lay out some ideas I'm going to want to start them all right away... Gah I wish I could follow my own advice and do what's good for me for a change! Maybe that should be January's goal! But I'll try, I really will!

Some months will be for resolutions to make my life better long term, others might just be goals that help me to learn something over a shorter time period. Hopefully though, each month will give me something to take away and inspire better living. I think I'll have to reserve the right to change them around a bit if an amazing opportunity or new idea strikes me, but until then here's the first few months:

{2013} My Goals

Money Matters: I've been wanting to start keeping proper personal financial records for ages, but I keep putting it off until some nice sounding start date, this year, it's January 1st 2013 and I'm going to do it! I want to be as frugal as possible, because I think it inspires you to be creative with what you cook, use, wear and make in your daily life. 

Health Focus: That means moving more, eating less of what's not good for me, eating more of what is good, and making time for relaxation. I'm always running around like a massive stress-head wondering how other people can study for medicine degrees, run online business, hold down a social life, stay fit and still have time to read novels. This year, I want to plan my time better so that I can fit in all the things I want to do into my life, and not waste a second of it!

Get Creative: I want to give myself time to be creative. I've got so used to sitting down in front of the sewing machine and making the same old things... This year, I want to allow myself time to come up with new product ideas and experiment, without getting too bogged down with the same old ideas. This counts for me, and for my business too. I think I'll get myself a journal to help me with March's goal, I'll have something to jot down creative ideas in when they come to me, and it'll make a nice log of my creative thinking over the rest of the year.

Photography: I have a lovely camera, and some lovely lenses to go with it. Yet other than shop listing photos, it hardly ever gets used! I think this is partly because I have no case for it. I worry I'll damage it taking it out without one, and the one I do have is HUGE (it fits all the accessories and other lenses...) Therefore, I am going to buy/make a compact, cushioned case for it and take it out more often. Hopefully this will encourage me to get out there and see lots more of the world, to practice my photography and to share my photos more online. I want to get into the habit of carrying it around so I can show you what I'm up to when I'm not installed in front of a sewing machine or behind some knitting needles!

Phwar! I think that's probably enough to get me started. I still have this enthusiastically nagging feeling that I should buy a camera case and a journal now... But I refuse! This month, I'm being money conscious. In that spirit, I can't afford to go buying a camera bag and a new notebook, not until I've done something to deserve it anyhow!

Have you got any good ideas for goals or resolutions? Any inspirational tips or tricks for keeping on the resolution wagon? What are you trying to change this year?

I wish you the best of luck in any goals or resolutions you set for yourself!


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