Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Craft Fair 2.0

I learned lots more stuff on this one and I've started compiling my Craft Fair Tips series that I'll roll out when it's all done.

Check out me giggling away to fellow stall holders. I took the quiet times to catch up with some crochet.

My stall had a pretty similar layout to the last one. Next time I think I'll create more height and move the typewriter safely away from the front, because would you believe it, some people were VERY rude to it. (Not the children either, it was the grown up's that were nasty!)

I'm glad I brought lights, because it was very dark in there! I got to bring my magnets this time, and the green set when to some lovely friends that visited. There was a wobbly moment in the middle, when a baby was passed from the front to the back of the stall and the tree fell over, taking the card bunting with it, but luckily no real damage, just a minor gravitational faux pas!

It hasn't put me off yet, so I'll be signing up for more next year. Looking forward to meeting lots of my lovely customers in the flesh! It's a much nicer dynamic than just online shopping. I love getting to talk about what I've made and how I did it, and every now and then meeting someone with some really interesting information on new fabrics, yarns or processes.

See you at the next one...


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  1. You look so happy with your craft store! Quite rightly so, I think. Merry Christmas and keep blogging :-)