Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Stamp crazy...

I think it's time I admitted that I have a problem.

I am a craft addict.

I've never really settled on just ONE craft, (although knitting came close) because I've always still had that little niggle in the back of my mind pushing me on to try new ones! I've still got my eye on silver smithing, polymer clay jewellery and leatherwork, but not got around to those yet!

It turns out, I have found my latest obsession... Stamps...

I had been mulling this over ever since i got my bicycle stamp, but didn't have the tools or materials to try it out... Until this week! A friend I met via Etsy let me borrow her lino carving tool and I bought some lino discs to try it out. What do you think?

Within an hour of getting home from her house I'd made the three pink stamps...

And the next day I made the sewing machine, coffee cup, knitting, whale and tree stamps!

Now I'm pouring over pages and pages of ebay shops, looking for my own materials and tools so I can make hundreds of stamps!

Making stamps is amazing!

There must be help groups for people like me, right? People that keep every button and bead that they find (like those ones that come in a tiny bag when you buy new clothes) in colour coordinated jars, people that can't walk past a display of yarn without wanting to take it all home, chuck it in the bath and roll in it, people that can't fall asleep at night because they are too busy thinking up crafty ideas! 

Maybe eventually the lack of sleep will catch up with me, but until then, I'm off to hunt for some more potential stamp materials! No potato is safe now...


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