Friday, 2 November 2012

{Movember} I Moustache you a question...

... What will YOU be doing for Movember?

I started my Movember festivities by making these cute mini-moustaches for those of us that, unfortunately, can't grow our own. We Mo Sistas can wear these badges with pride to show our Mo Bros that we care!

I've put them in the shop to try and raise a bit of money to help support this important cause and help raise awareness for mens' health issues. The proceeds will go to Movember, in order to help Prostate Cancer UK and The Institute of Cancer Research to continue doing a great job helping our brave Brethren. If you want to buy one to help us on our way, then head over to the shop where you can chose from these colours:

I'll post a weekly photo of a Mo Bro in progress (to be added when he comes home!), so you can see one man's efforts to chance the face of mens' health, and if you're feeling generous maybe you'd like to buy a sponsorship pin, or sponsor him on his Mo Page.

I dare say there will be some moustachioed baking and making this month, so stay tuned to see what I get up to!

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