Friday, 12 October 2012

New house!

I'm going home tonight, from not-so-sunny Scotland to even-less-sunny Merseyside, to see my parents! Button and the padres are moving into a new house this week, so I've been drafted in to help shift boxes and lend an artistic eye...

I hope I'll get to post some photos over the next 5 days as the house begins to take shape! It's really quite a cute little place, and they've been looking for a new house for so long!

I'm pretty excited because I haven't actually seen this house in real life yet... Only through webcam and photos! As a huge fan of Ikea Hackers and avid reader of far too many design blogs I've got loads of ideas for this place. I can't wait... I'm going to have to keep myself pretty busy today to pass the hours until my train leaves! 


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