Thursday, 25 October 2012

My 4 simple goals...

I'm a big fan of A Beautiful Mess, so when I saw Elsie's 4 simple goals post I got thinking about what simple aspects of my life I'd like to change in time for 2013.

I probably spend more time than I should checking out other people's blogs and see what other people are up to, rather than doing all these cool things myself! So I decided to focus these goals around the business, blogging and a more creative lifestyle.

The idea is you pick 4 simple goals that will become part of your life, so they aren't focussed on the outcome, but on the actual experience. So rather than "write 3 blog posts a week", you could say "organise and implement a blog posting calendar". Get it? When you've done something that relates to your goal, you blog about it.

What are your goals? I look forward to telling you more about mine!


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