Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Photos

So. All the photos on the blog are taken with a borrowed camera, because mine met with an unfortunate situation some time ago... It's brilliant to have one around to use, but it's not the same as having your own wee photography friend, to go on adventures with and see the world. I'm hardly a professional and I know the tools don't make the workman, but I do like taking photos and trying to get compositions that are interesting, so having my own companion again would be nice.

I've grieved for my camera and I would say that right now, I accept it's fate, understand what happened and I'm ready to put it behind me and start moving on. As a result of this emotional breakthrough, during a recent meander through the internet I thought, "hey let's buy a camera!" and then, well, I did! Woohoo!

It's not new. It's very second hand, but has some brilliant features that make it a total bargain. It's the same model as I previously had (although a bit dustier...) and as I'm a sucker for brand/product loyalty I went out of my way to find the same one (Yes, I'm one of those people that finds a nice pair of shoes and goes back to buy a second pair). I got a couple of lenses thrown in too, with an adapter and a few filters. I have a huge filter collection, but until today I had no camera to fit them too!

I've got a few film cameras that have been lying around for a while too, which I'm the process of testing, by getting them cleaned up and fully operational (or as operational as possible). It's been taking me ages to find the time to learn all about them, and then actually get to grips with using them. I've got a few rolls of film in them at the minute that I need to develop to see if they take OK pictures, or if there is something sinister going on inside...

Now that I have a digital one of my very own, I can start experimenting with my photography again with somewhat more instant results! I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and learning some new techniques. Hopefully this will make the shop a more beautiful place to look around too, with lots of lovely photographs.

On that note, I've been musing over this book for a while...

It looks like it might be useful, or at the very least interesting, and the reviews seem to be good. Ever read it?

Porcini x

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