Monday, 13 August 2012

Flying high...

So this week I haven't been making much, but I have taken lots of photos

On Friday I went away for 9 days to a Gliding Competition. If you've never heard of Gliding it's a sport that uses aircraft that look like regular planes, but have no engines, and rely entirely on exploiting the air for natural lift.

I wasn't flying this year, but I went as crew, helping to run the launch point and pick up my team's pilots when they landed away from home. 

The weather was brilliant the whole week long (very rare!) so we only got one afternoon away to go and see some of Yorkshire, the rest of the time was solid flying. We went to the Railway museum (like big geeky kids) which has this really cool part that looks like the room of requirement, if you were requiring somewhere to hide train paraphernalia that is...

We managed to win 2 of 3 parts of the competition, and came second in the part we didn't win! As a reward (or punishment perhaps...) we're going to host next year's competition. It should be fun, we're hoping to bring in a scottish twist with Ceilidhs, haggis and maybe an increased tartan presence...


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