Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Peanut Butter Conundrum...

We've got quite a collection of jars here, mostly peanut butter. So with recycling day looming, and with me not really being able to bring myself to put them all in the big bin outside, I checked out Etsy for some inspiration on what I could do with them. 

This is what I found...









I couldn't really decide on a favourite idea... But I thought lanterns or lights would be the best use for my jars. I love light displays and the garden could do with something exciting for the evenings now that it's not too baltic around here. So I decided to make all my jars into lanterns, at least for now!

Here they are before their transformation...

...and here they are after an hour of fiddling about with garden wire, tin snips and needle nose pliers...

At the moment they are still plain, but I figure in this state when I get inspired to crochet over them, or paint them, or glue something to them or some other idea they'll be ready to go, and in the meantime they still look cool! I ended up with 11 jars, but another jar of peanut butter got finished this morning... Number 12, here I come!

Porcini x

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