Monday, 11 June 2012

Who, What, Why, When and Where?

So, whilst all the behind-the-scenes set up stuff is going on, I thought I'd write a bit about the who, what, why, when, and where of Porcini & Button. Eventually some of this will get transferred to the About page, but for now it can go here!

Who are Porcini & Button?
Porcini is Me, Sarah, the big sister! For a year in between degrees I opened up a little Etsy shop to sell the crafty things that I got up to during the day. I really loved being able to spend my days creating, and getting to meet lots of local sellers and shop owners who kindly stocked my wares. When I went back to education to train to be a teacher, I had very little time to devote to crafty goodness, so this is my chance to get crafty again. My previous shop (Pretty Porcini) still has the odd reference out there on the internet, but it's no longer in operation now that I've got Button to keep me company. Talking of Button, she is the little sister. Her background is more in art, drawing and illustration than crafts, but we hope to combine our talents to create a whole range of interesting things! 

What will you make?
Porcini makes all kinds of crafty things, in the past this has included stationary, sewing and knitting accessories, knitted and crocheted brooches, scarves, hats and gloves, cushion covers, decorated notebooks and many other things!
Button prefers illustration, so she'll be making mini works of art for Porcini to get creative with. At the moment, with everything being so exciting we've got loads of ideas of what we can make! But for the early days we might have to hold ourselves back a bit and see how it goes!

Why "Porcini&Button"?
Porcini is from Pretty Porcini, my first Etsy shop. That name was originally inspired by my cousin Ruby who was only 3 at the time and utterly obsessed with princesses and, bizarrely, mushrooms! If you take a look at a porcini, they aren't the most attractive of mushrooms, but Ruby wanted pretty princess mushrooms, and so by the powers of alliteration, Pretty Porcini came into being. When Button and I decided to get together for this, someone jokingly said "what other mushrooms can you think of?" Funnily enough, Oyster, Chestnut and Shitake were shot down pretty quickly, and we were about to move on to other imaginative pastures when our mum said, "Why not Button?", it just sounded so cute, so here we are!

When did Porcini&Button start?
The idea started brewing over New years 2012, but the graft only really start in May. We've been working on starting up and getting stock together for an opening sometime in the near future, Button says 3 months, I say 3 weeks! But then I do get a bit excitable...

Where can we find Porcini&Button?
Well, we're based in Edinburgh and Liverpool due to university work, but we'll be primarily an online business. So far we've got plans to be on Etsy, Folksy, Facebook, and of course Blogger. If we branch out anywhere else, then we'll stick it on the Contact Us page, so check it out. Right now, most of our sites aren't active whilst we're getting ourselves ready, but we'll post on the blog as soon as we're ready to go!

Hopefully that's a good start on who we are and what we're about. Looking forward to keeping you up to date and getting up and running in the near future!


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