Friday, 8 June 2012


Hello world! So we're just starting up at the moment, getting our Etsy, Facebook, Blogger and emails up and running. Hopefully this will save us some work in the future... We've got some ideas floating around for some interesting items and some things are already made and ready to go! 

Rosie is making some graphics for our various sites so once those are up and we've got all our photos taken etc, we should be open soon! We'll probably be writing here from time to time whilst we're setting up to get ourselves into the habit and for a nice log of how it all started. 

I'm pretty excited about it, so there will probably be a few giveaways in our early days to celebrate. Oh but what to give away? I'll have to get my thinking hat on and make something truly special for our first customer, and our 10th, and 42nd (very good number) 50th, 100th argh! I won't even think past there because to even get 1 seems like a challenge at the moment.

So far, Rosie has been setting up some studio space in Liverpool, whilst I've been crafting away surrounded by my yarn and keeping teahydrated up in Edinburgh. We've had no end of fun looking into all the official legal and banking stuff... *yawn*, but soon all that boring stuff will be over and we can start crafting like crazy! 


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